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Universal Language Project

Collaboration between the arts and the sciences.

Our knowledge of the Universe is fragmented. It has been compartmentalized into different disciplines: the sciences, mathematics, visual art, music poetry, etc. - which have all developed different languages to use in the study and description of the Universe.

Even within a single discipline, each expert creates his own jargon of understanding. Computer science, for examples, has developed a number of new programming languages. Distinct from any other branch of knowledge at the very outset, they now grow further and further apart. It has now come to the point where people from different fields of study, even from within the same discipline, have difficulty understanding each other, if they can do so at all.

Yet the Universe is not arbitrarily divided into areas of mathematics or physics or poetry. It exists as a whole entity, and creates physical objects that span the knowledge segregated into different disciplines. But we have not yet created a language that can describe all the processes of the Universe as they actually occur undivided and still be flexible enough to write a poem, a symphony, or a segment of DNA. Such a language would mimic the one in which our Universe was written.

The creation of such a Universal Language is thus one of the fundamental problems of our time, yet one person alone cannot undertake it. It is possible only with the participation of a great number of specialists from different fields that come together from different backgrounds to work on this single, unifying new language.

We cannot be sure if these participants will be able to solve this problem completely, or even solve it during their presence in this Universe. Yet the beginning goals of this project are simple: to define the problems of the way to a solution, to see if it can be solved, and how.

All people interested in participating please email to: astartcom [--- at ---] yahoo . com


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1. Universal Language

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